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Do You Interview Like a Pro

Do You Interview Like a ProDo You Interview Like a ProStrategies to help you put your best foot forward and seal the deal.I often hear how nerve-wracking and uncomfortable it is to go to an bewerberinterview, but, I promise, it doesnt have to be that way. Were going to look at three strategies to re-frame and prepare for an interview that will seal the deal and get you that job offer.More often than not, job seekers go into interviews with the totally wrong objectives. They seem to think that the goal is to sell themselves and to make themselves look great. They are afraid to show any weaknesses and are so uptight that they dont showcase their personality.Many find the questions that are asked in interviews unnerving and the idea of asking questions even more intimidating.So we are going to break it down and titelbild the keys to successful interviewing one at a time.In fact, were going to cover three main ideasHow to re-frame an interview in a way that makes you feel empowered and c onfidentThe how (and why) of introducing candor and authenticity into your interviewThe whole gamut of questions - why they are so important, what you should ask when and why they frame your entire conversation.Reframing Your InterviewYou can toss everything that you think you know about interviewing out the window. This is your new framework.Your No. 1 Goal in an InterviewHave you forgotten everything you previously thought you knew? Good.Your No. 1 goal in an interview is simple. Its to make the other person (the interviewer) comfortable. You want to put that person at ease and make them feel like they are having coffee with an old friend.Tall order? Here are three strategies that will help immediatelySmile and start with small talk - just like real life, ease into the meetingMirror them (sit in the saatkorn posture, if they look at something, look too)Laugh Share a joke or a funny story - just make sure it makes you look goodWhat an Interview Really IsThis can come as a shocker , but it will totally change the way you approach interviews, giving you much more power and confidence, making you far more desirable to the company, so listen upAn interview is a conversation between two people trying to figure out if the opportunity is a good fit. Its like a first date - neither should have all the power.Its easy to feel powerless in an interview, but, remember, this is as much your decision as it is theirs. Treat the interview like that Here are two ways to assert your power in an interviewAsk to meet the gruppe you will be working with primarilyAsk questions throughout the interview - dont make them all softballsQuestions, Questions, QuestionsAsking the right questions at an interview can be the difference between a dream job and a dread job.10 Great Questions for Just About Any InterviewEarly in the InterviewWhat would your dream candidate skills and characteristics be?What are your financial goals for the coming year? How does my department/position impact them?What are the two biggest challenges you hope that the person in this position will alleviate?The Middle of the InterviewWhat would a person in this position likely be doing on a Tuesday morning?What is the meeting culture of this organization? (frequency, length, etc.)Is there any travel? If so - how frequent, for what durations and locations?Late in the InterviewWho is on the primary team that I will work with? May I meet them?What kind of exposure will I have with the leadership team?If there is a challenge, what is the chain of command? What kind of support can I expect?What is your greatest reservation about having me fill the position?Well, its official, armed with your new mindset and questions that will make you stand out, you are officially ready to interview like a proReposted with permission from Personal Branding Blog

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Starting a family is last on Millennials list of ambitions, survey shows

Starting a family is last on Millennials list of ambitions, survey showsStarting a family is last on Millennials list of ambitions, survey showsA 29-year-old who cant afford a house because she spent the down payment on cold brews and her avocado toast habit? Dig deeper. The Millennials are a generation of searchers and seekers, which often proves itself out in job-hopping, world-traveling, and other often-perplexing behaviors. Professional services network Deloitte aimed to decode the modern Millennials and uncover their attitudes about money, work, and trust in public institutions with their eighth annual Deloitte Millennial Survey 2019.The report is based on 13,416 Millennials surveyed across 42 countries, plus responses from 3,009 Gen Z respondents from 10 countries. In a departure from previous reports, which interviewed only college-educated millennials, 31% of this years respondents did bedrngnis have full-time employment, and 34% did not have a college degree.Shifting priorit iesIts no surprise that Millennials have different priorities than those of their parents, or even Gen X. Financial constraints also pay a role. To that end, having children or starting a family ranks dead last on their list of ambitions57% want to travel and see the world52% want to earn high salaries and/or attain wealth49% want to buy homes46% want to make positive impacts on their community or society39% want to have children/start a familyLow hopes for the economy and personal financeMillennials have dismal hope for the economy only 26% of respondents said they expected the economic situation in their countries to improve in the coming year. Thats the lowest number in the six years Deloitte has been tracking it and before now the number has never been lower than 40%. For the past two years its tracked at 45%.As for their own personal financial situations, just over half think their situations will worsen or stay the same. Just 43% see an improvement in their financials in the next year.The world of workMillennials arent staying stable in their jobs 49% said they would, if they could quit their current job in the next two years. (In Deloittes 2017 report, that number was 38%).Of that number that said that they would leave in two years, a quarter of those reported having done just that left a job in the last 24 months.Here are the top reasons for leaving of those who plan to leave their jobsUnhappy with pay 43%Few opportunities to advance 35%Lack of learning and development opportunities 28%I dont feel appreciated 23%Poor work-life balance/lack of flexibility 22%Boredom/unchallenging job 21%Dissatisfied with workplace culture 15%Still, 28% of Millennials said they expected to stay with their current employers for five or more years.The changing workforceMillennials were well aware of the challenges of the modern workforce.With AI looming and gig work infiltrating every sector, 46% of Millennials said that the changing features of work could make it hard er to find or change jobs.Only one in five felt that they possessed all of the skills and knowledge the would need for this new, agile, high-tech world of work. A solid majority, 70%, said they had some of few of the skills required, but would need to acquire more to be a more attractive employee and candidate.Millennials felt that businesses had the largest responsibility in preparing workers for this new reality (30%), followed by educational institutions (24%). Whether or not these institutions will do so is a matter or debate. Millennials may have to pick up these much-needed skills on their own.One American Millennial, Laura Banks, told Deloitte, We have less trust in employers because so many of our parents did lose their jobs, and they had been loyal to companies We are either putting off big life moments and keeping money in our savings, or were saying, You know what? It could fall apart again tomorrow. Lets travel the world.

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Age Discrimination Issues in the Workplace

Age Discrimination Issues in the WorkplaceAge Discrimination Issues in the WorkplaceJob seekers are reportingage discriminationbeginning as early as the mid-thirties. In fact, in some industries, youre considered to be washed upby the time you reach your forties. But what can you do when youre considered to be too old to be hired? How do you fight age discrimination in the workplace? For a start, there are laws that prohibitemployment discriminationbecause of age. In addition, there are a few strategies you can use to help mitigate age discrimination issues. What is Employment Discrimination? Employment discrimination happens when a job seeker or an employee is treated unfavorably because of his or her race, skin color, national origin, gender, gender identity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or age. The Gray Ceiling What is the gray ceiling and why does it matter? The gray ceiling is a term used to describe theage discriminationthat many older job seekers and emplo yees face while theyre searching for jobs or seeking promotions. Even though employers arent supposed to discriminate based on how old you are, getting hired can be a challenge when youre consideredtobean older worker. And you dont need to have gray hair to be considered too old to get hired. Percentage of Older People in the Workforce When the House of Representatives voted unanimously to repeal the Social Security earnings cap in an amendment to the 2000 Senior Citizens Freedom To Work Act, their rationale was that removing the previous earnings limit would enable mora older Americans to return to work. About 18.8% of people over the age of 65 worked in 2016, according to thePew Research Council. TheNational Council on Agingreports that, by 2019, over 40% of people overtheageof55 are expected to be working. This will constitute 25% of the U.S. labor force. Age Discrimination Issues In addition to being considered old, experienced candidates are sometimes considered to be m ore of an expense (higher salary, pension, benefits costs, etc.) than a younger applicant would be. This isnt uncommon, and the numbers are sobering. If youre middle-aged or even younger, keep in mind that youre not alone Workers over the age of 45 are unemployed longer than younger workers.By 2024, the number of employees over 55 years of age will reach 41 million, compared to 27 million in 2008.More older workers are considering postponing retirement and continuing to work. However, research has found no relationship between age and job performance. Just because youre older doesnt mean youre better or worse than younger workers. Age Discrimination Law If you believe you have been discriminated against because of your age, there are protections provided by age discrimination law. Federal LawThe Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) protects employees 40 years of age and older from discrimination on the basis of age in hiring, promotion, discharge, compensation, or terms, conditions or privileges of employment. The ADEA applies to employers with 20 or more employees, labor organizations with more than 25 members, employment agencies, and federal, state, and local governments. It does not apply to independent contractors or military personnel. Thisfederal law is enforced by theEqual Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC). However, a 2019 court ruling determinedthattheADEA does not apply to job applicants. It remains to be seen if this decision will be appealed or if Congress will enact any further legislation clarifying the issue. Thelanguage to date on the EEOC websitestill refers to protections for job applicants. State LawsEach state has its own lawsproviding protection for older workers. These may provide stronger protectionsfor older workers than the federal law. Such laws often apply to most or all employers,andnot just those with 20 or more employees. Consult yourstates department of laborfor information about laws in your location. Employer Policies Many employers have policies in place prohibiting hiring managers from advertising jobs in a way that would weigh against older candidates or practicing any form of age discrimination. The Society for menschengerecht Resource Management (SHRM), the preeminent professional organization in the field, recommends hiring the best candidate for the job regardless of age in itsguidance to members. After reviewing any state laws regarding age discrimination, candidates who suspect discrimination should consultanHRprofessional, particularlysomeone charged with diversity compliance at thecompany, to see iftheyhavea policy related to age discrimination. Filing a Discrimination Charge Be aware that the ADEA prohibits advertising that a certain age is preferred for a position, limiting training to younger workers, and in most cases requiring retirement at a specific age. Any individual who believes that his or her employment rights have been violated may file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC. Heres howFiling a Charge of Employment Discrimination. Age Discrimination and Job Search Options What options are there for those potential employees who are considered old by hiring managers and companies? How can you address the perception that older workers are not as capable or as qualified astheiryounger counterparts? There are strategies older job seekers can implement to help expedite a job search, and to find gainful and meaningful employment. For the older applicant, its especially important to utilize the available resources for finding attractive positions, as well as to be aware of the angeschlossen protocols for applying for a position. For example, here aretips for job searchingand writing resumes and cover letters specifically tailoredtoolder job seekers. Job Search Tips for Older Workers There are ways you can tweak your resume to minimize the impact of being consideredan older job seeker When you write your resume,limit your exp erience to 15 years for a managerial job, 10 years for a technical job, and five years for a high-tech job.Leave your other experience off your resume or list it without dates in an Other Experience category.Consider using afunctional resume rather than achronologicalresume. In addition, itwouldhelp to review thesejob searching tips for older workers. Plus,you can take a look at someresume tips for older job seekersalong with a fewcover letter tips for older job seekersaswell. Age Issues and Interview Success Its important to emphasize the positive when interviewing Project yourself as cheerful and flexible and back that up with proof of your skills and successes.Review the benefits of older workers- commitment to a career, hands-on experience, a track record of success, stable and realistic expectations- and think about how they apply to you.Use storytelling techniques to back up your claimstothese skills.Relate examples of hard work, extra hours devoted toajob, and physically demanding outside interests that demonstrate vitality.Exude energy and enthusiasm in your verbal and non-verbal communication. Finally, review thesejob interview tips for older job seekers. Age and Salary Issues Let potential employers know that you are flexible. Even though you may have earned six figures per year in the past, perhaps you no longer need that much,or maybe youre willing to accept a lower salary to get your foot in the door. If thats the case andsalary requirementsare expected to be included in your cover letter, mention that your salary requirements are flexible or negotiable based upon the position and the entire compensation package, including benefits.

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The 5 books you must read to be successful

The 5 books you must read to be successfulThe 5 books you must read to be successfulI post about a lot of books. Most people dont have the time to read them all, so here are a few of my must-reads.1.InfluenceWhat is it?Most consider it the single best book on the psychology of persuasion.What did I learn from it?There are universal principles that make something influential scarcity, authority, social proof, liking, reciprocity, and consistency.This video is a great introduction to Cialdinis researchCheck out the book here.2.Drive The Surprising Truth About What Motivates UsWhat is it?The best, fruchtwein accessible research-based book on what motivates us.What did I learn from it?For jobs that require creativity and problem solving, research shows were motivated by a desire for autonomy, mastery and purpose. Money is really only a motivator for work that does leid inspire passion or deep thought. The single best motivator is progress, and the best predictor of success is grit.My not es from the book arehere. Watch Dan Pinks TED talkhere.Check out the bookhere.3.The Power of HabitWhat is it?An engaging read that explains the science of how habits work - and how we can change them.What did I learn from it?About40% of the actions we perform in a dayare habits - so were on autopilot almost half our life.Identifying what triggersyour habits is key.Assigning new habits to established triggersis how you change a bad habit into a good one.Friends can be a major part of whether youre able to change for the better.Heres a great interview with author Charles Duhigg about the book.Check out the bookhere.4.The Longevity Project Surprising Discoveries for Health and Long Life from the Landmark Eight-Decade StudyWhat is it?They studied over 1000 people for the duration of theirlives from childhood until old age - giving them regular physical and psychological tests and tracking the results.What they discovered confirmed some things we all believe about what it takes to liv e a good, long life - and more interestinglythey found out where our common beliefs are wrong.What did I learn from it?Theres a lot of overlap between what makes us happy and what promotes a long life. Stress isnt all bad. The good do not die young. Women dont live longer than men because of biology. Relationships are more important than exercise if you want to live a long life.The authors discuss the study, the book and the counterintuitive things theylearned in this videoCheck out the bookhere.5.The Happiness Advantage The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at WorkWhat is it?A Harvard researchers very practical book on how to be happier and how happiness can improve your life.What did I learn from it?Happinessincreases productivityandmakes you more successful. The20 second rulecan make you a much better person. There are a lot ofsimple little thingsthat canmake you much happier.Heres author Shawn Achors TEDx talkCheck out the book here.Again , they areInfluenceThe Power of HabitThe Happiness AdvantageDriveThe Longevity ProjectJoin 25K+ readers.Get a free weekly update via emailhere.Related postsWhat 10 things should you do every day to improve your life?What do people regret the most before they die?What five things can make sure you never stop growing and learning?This article originally appeared at Barking Up the Wrong Tree.

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Grassroots Recruiting Through Your Employer Brand

Grassroots Recruiting Through Your Employer BrandGrassroots Recruiting Through Your Employer BrandIn the modern world of intrusive commercials, social media marketing, and product placements its easy to understand how customers can often feel inundated by advertisements. Instead of succinctly communicating your brand message, the result of this oversaturation leaves the clients feeling like theyve been clubbed over the head by marketing strategies. The result is that when approached by traditional advertisements, customers are increasingly likely to tune out, change the channel, or even be put off by your product, tafelgeschirr or brand. This oversaturation can, and does, translate to your brand message when it comes to attracting, or turning off, prospective employees. Instead, how about trying the grassroots approach where your current talent base passively promotes by example. Grassroots recruiting through your employer brand should be a staple of any hiring plan, and here we delv e into how to use it effectively.Your Employees Are Communicating Company CultureCurrent employees often communicate a companys culture through their everyday interactions with customers and the general public. Savvy companies will capitalize on this free exposure by giving comprehensive training to all incoming employees on the message they should express in their interactions with guests.Disney parks are well known for providing positive, outgoing, and customer-centered interactions. Disney cast members are instructed to stay in character constantly while they are on stage or in the public eye. This doesnt just apply to the character actors, either. Everyone from janitors to ride operators are given a multi-day training, complete with their own individual group mentors, instructing new employees on the nuances of the Disney brand.Smaller brands or establishments can also benefit from this approach. Fast food companies can instruct their employees to always greet guests with a frie ndly smile and cheery disposition. Hardware stores can be instructed to accommodate guests running just a few minutes past closing time. Not only will these small steps gain and retain cash-paying customers, but it also sets a precedent that your establishment must be a great place to work.Oftentimes, employees express a companys culture through trained speech, body language and through a specific type of customer service or affability. Below are some examples of how workers communicate and show the company culture on a daily basis.Train Employees To Exhibit Your Brand EffectivelyTelling an employee your companys brand message is one thing, effectively demonstrating it is another entirely. Start by adopting a comprehensive training regimen, ala Disney as we mentioned above. Disney, in fact, has been so successful with their hiring program that other major companies hire out the magic kingdom HR teams to present onsite training sessions for their own staff.Any training program should offer both written guidance and real-world demonstrations. Asking your incoming class to act out specific scenarios is a great way to provide constructive guidance while allowing you to talk through one-off scenarios.In addition to training, be sure your current management is practicing what they preach when it comes to exhibiting the ideal company brand message. Management should be held to the highest of standards to ensure that lower level employees mimic their behavior and follow suit in adopting the company messaging.Its Not That ComplicatedLast but not least we need to stress the point that your brand message, and its effective communication, doesnt need to involve a hundred steps or layers of factors. In fact, the most authentic communication strategies utilized by companies often involve a simplified back to basics approach. Consider these criteria when developing and implementing your brand message with employeesIdentify the concerns and motivations of your customers and e nsure your employees are knowledgeable in how to address these issues.Trust your current employees and their real-world experience and allow them some flexibility in delivering or even improving upon your existing messaging.Actively engage your current employees for their feedback and recommendations. After all, if your goal is recruiting a strong workforce it only makes sense that youd go to the current group for areas of improvement.However you choose to address your employer brand, never underestimate the impact that the smallest of gestures can have on your overall business. Whether its a friendly smile or a standard greeting, especially when it comes to recruiting its often these minute plus factors that allow you to attract the best of the best in the competitive talent pool.

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Magical Solutions to Sales Professional Resume Discovered

Magical Solutions to Sales Professional Resume Discovered What You Dont Know About Sales Professional Resume Take a look at our sample to find out what a good construction resume looks like. Youre able to use our resume building software to create your own from scratch. Click our sample to learn to compose the ideal transportation resume. OurA Sample ResumesA for skilled summary come with each available examples from other job categories that could secure any user covered. These professionals are liable for managing and assessing the potency of a firms sales representatives and sales teams. Sales is much like customer service as salespeople can be effective in a wide selection of industries. Or perhaps youre interested in a totally new industry. Maybe you would like a growth opportunity in your present field. Some businesses will provide all of the training you require. You sales resume ought to be organized. A sales resume should incorporate some type of business educatio nal background. They resume should provide information that can help you land a job in the field of sales. If you are going to use aA sales associate resumeA or some other kinds of entry-level resumes, only make sure youve got the abilities that may compensate for your lack of expert work experiences. Apart from your technical abilities and expert work experiences, there continue to be other things which you may increase your sales resume templateA that could help you to acquire higher chances in forwarding to the following stages of the application samples. Wherever youre in your career, it is a fantastic idea to be as specific as possible when detailing your qualifications, and such sales resumes examples are able to help you do that. Your resume writer will get in touch with you to clarify details. You must tailor your resume for a sales manager position to boost your odds of getting an interview. If you presently have the training, that may make you very appealing over an other candidate who will want to learn. The piece you truly need the hiring manager reading is your latest work experience (and be sure you tailored that info to fit the work description). How to Find Sales Professional Resume on the Web In a few minutes, youll have a flawless instance of exactly how incredible you are as a prospective hire. If youre thinking about how to create a resume, youre in the proper place Its possible for you to develop into an expert right away. When preparing your resume, there are many things you should think about. Once youve reviewed resumes in your field, peruse resumes across fields to know how to vary using action verbs and receive a feel for what makes a potent accomplishment statement. Describing existing interest or previous experience showing prior understanding of the kind of goods youre applying to sell is a good way to stand from the crowd. The Principles of Sales Professional Resume You Can Benefit From Starting Today Cashiers are u sually trained at work. Accounting and finance managers might want to see your technical understanding. Look back at your previous jobs. You ought to go through various interview questions linked to a sales executive job so that you are able to prepare for it. Its imperative that you dont simply apply these resumes verbatim. Transportation jobs involve a lot of responsibility and your resume will want to reflect you can take care of that. Various kinds of work in the food service industry require resumes with a lot of the exact skills. How to Choose Sales Professional Resume Becoming a Sales Professional is an issue of experience. If this Sales Executive resume example was not sufficient for you, youre absolutely free to review various other samples and templates from our website. Ensure you highlight technical wisdom and certifications. Our resume builder will provide you with tips and examples on how best to compose your resume summary. Our resume examples can ensure you re prepared in the event you receive a referral. Its certainly recommended to include as many of the subsequent examples of information as possible. Include your complete name and two reliable contact techniques, including a cell phone number and skilled emaille address.

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The Ugly Side of Hourly Rate for Resume Writing

The Ugly Side of Hourly Rate for Resume Writing There are lots of clients whod value your abilities and pay the cost of selecting a professional. You may also have to think to be an HR or a hiring manager. You might also search and watch resumes of unique individuals who might have the kind of job that youre looking for to acquire insight into the experience and skills companies value. The very first step in advertising your company is to get referrals from family members and friends. Indicate in your closing sentence that youre willing to talk about the wage and would adore the chance to find out mora concerning the position. Therell be occasions when you must supply an hourly rate or lose the undertaking. As youre setting your rates, you will want to consider about the types of projects you will be requested to take on and estimate how many hours it will take from begin to finish. An hourly rate is but one portion of the equation. You Need Experience Experience is essent ial. You wont ever regret the expense of your Professional Resume Package since its a worthwhile investment to the enhancement of your career and achievement of future objectives. Introducing Hourly Rate for Resume Writing Writing resumes for individuals extends to you the chance to help them land work, besides earning money from your writing skills. Because an excellent writer will often devote a couple of hours writing or editing a resume. Examine the web for freelance rates for the type of writing you would like to do. Its possible to also research different sample resumes, along with revamp and revise resumes of family and friends members. If dont have any past employment, or simply are not able to get ahold of starting numbers, you will have to begin from scratch. An hourly rate always includes the chances of somebody getting hurt. No matter your hourly rate may be, it is going to sound as a lot to some people and peanuts to others. Resume writing can be an enjoyabl e diversion from long hours alone before your PC. When you have started your resume writing company, you might need to guess the nonbillable hours. Beginning writers will, needless to say, begin at the base of the range, while the rest of you are able to work your way up. Some of the exact same writers will bid on the exact same projects with a massive spread in proposed bids. For example, it can show you advice on how to lay out your CV. By utilizing skilled CV writing services it is possible to ensure your resume is developed correctly. There are 3 basic formats utilised in resume writing. The New Fuss About Hourly Rate for Resume Writing Its necessary to understand the kind of resumes preferred by establishment that you want to work for. In starting a resume writing business, you should really learn to compose resumes for various professions. Either one might be used to make date or practical resumes. You may say thats quite opposing of helpful resumes which are extr emely traditional. The Hourly Rate for Resume Writing Trap The client needs to be instructed to look just for incorrect or misunderstood information. Offering free resume reviews is one method to locate clients. Pricing can also be dependent on location. You may review services on our site at Great Resumes Fast.